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​Laundry and Dry Cleaning Pick Up & Delivery Service in Tarzana and surrounding cities.

Erica’s Laundry is offering FREE laundry pickup service near Tarzana if you are approximately within a 5-mile radius around the store. This laundry pickup and delivery service is offered on Monday - Tuesday -Thursday - Friday.  Erica's Laundry now offers Ozone by Articlean FREE with every washer and laundry service.  Your laundry will be whiter, brighter, fluffier, and fresher smelling.

Pickup &
Delivery Service
Per Pound

**$40 Minimum Order

The hours of pick up are from 9-12 am and from 3-6 pm. This laundry delivery service is $2.15 per pound with a $40 minimum. We also offer dry cleaning pickup and delivery. You can combine your laundry service with the dry cleaning to meet the $40 minimum.

Delivery is usually on the next service day. Dry cleaning items takes longer unfortunately due to the pandemic. Dry cleaners only turn their machines on every other day due to low volume.

It’s easy to schedule a pickup for your laundry. Just double click on the button and the prompts will direct you as to what to do next.


 Here are some FAQs that you want to check.

Very simple - just drop them in bags.

No - you can leave the bags by your door. 

If you put the bags somewhere else please leave instructions for the driver when you schedule your pickup.

Not at all - we do it all for you.

We take care of them for you. Please put them in separate bags so we know.

Almost anything. Towels, linens, blankets, rugs, shoes, curtains, pets beds. We will separate and wash them by them selves. Delicate items will be air dried.