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Ozone Water - Eco-Friendly Approach to Softer and Cleaner Laundry

Medical-grade Ozone Laundry Sanitizing!

Erica's Laundry now offers Ozone by Articlean FREE with every washer and laundry service.  This is safe for the environment and Eco-Friendly.  Even hot water washing cannot achieve the same results as washing your laundry with Ozone.  Your clothes will be removed of 99.99% pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and COVID-19.  Hospitals use the same system for sanitizing.  Ozone attacks soils and greases the same way it attacks bacteria and mold.  This means that as soon as ozonated water comes in contact with linens and fabrics, it begins breaking down these contaminants so they can easily be removed from the fabric by detergents. 

Benefits of washing with Ozone compared to a traditional wash.

Ozone’s oxidizing power leads to yet another benefit, it’s a powerful deodorizer.  Your laundry will be whiter, brighter, fluffier, and fresher smelling. Your fabrics will last longer using Ozone wash.

Ozone is such an effective cleaning agent that it can achieve great results with less chemicals, shorter wash cycles, and lower temperatures.

Ozone also converts back to oxygen after use, leaving no chemical residue on your laundry.  It also sanitizes the washing machine during and after each use.  

Whether you wash your clothing yourself or we do your wash and fold, your clothing will be sanitized with our ozone system.  Erica's Laundry uses Ozone in all our machines.