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All About Erica's Laundry Ozone Sanitation System

March 24, 2023

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Are you tired of harsh chemicals in your laundry process? At Erica's Laundry, we offer a natural and powerful solution to disinfect and clean clothes - Ozone technology by Articlean.

What is Ozone? It is a process that helps to remove bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens from the fabric, leaving clothes smelling fresh and clean without the use of harsh chemicals.

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Here are some ways that ozone oxidizing power can add value to your laundry experience at Erica's Laundry:

Improved Cleaning: Ozone technology can break down tough stains and bacteria in the fabric, leading to a more efficient cleaning process. It actually whitens much better than bleach.

Reduced Chemical Usage: Ozone technology can significantly reduce the use of chemicals in the laundry process, which is not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly.

Better Disinfection: Ozone is a powerful disinfectant that can eliminate germs, keeping you and your clothes safe and healthy. Our medical grade Ozone system disinfect every machine, every wash, so nothing is transferred from one customer load to another. Ozone is most important for people with allergies as it eliminates all allergens.

Fresher Smelling Clothes: Ozone technology can effectively remove unpleasant odors from the fabric, leaving your clothes smelling fresher and cleaner. Your laundry will have a clean smell even if you use fragrance free detergents.

Gentler on Fabric: Ozone technology is gentle on fabrics, reducing wear and tear and extending the lifespan of your clothes. Thanks to the ozone efficiency, your laundry will also be much softer and more pleasant to touch.

Overall, the value of ozone technology lies in its ability to provide a more efficient, effective, and eco-friendly laundry process. At Erica's Laundry, you can enjoy cleaner, fresher, and better-maintained clothes while benefiting from a healthier and safer environment. Try ozone technology at Erica's Laundry today and experience the difference for yourself – you will never go back to regular wash!


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